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The advantages of making your office more energy efficient exceeds helping the environment. In certain, an energy efficient office:


Saves money

Enhances the economy

Saves more than $500 billion every year in energy costs

Produces tasks

Spurs innovation

Boosts general lifestyle for you and your colleagues

Making offices comfier, efficient and available


Naturally, the best benefit is seen on the environment through lowered energy usage on oil, gas and coal, as well as reducing pollution or avoiding it completely. Here are some of the best energy-saving ideas for your office.


Energy efficient solutions


  1. Convert to cloud computing

Replace business hardware and software by converting your office to cloud computing, potentially saving your company $12.3 billion in energy costs, Gigaom states. In regards to carbon emission savings, that’s comparable to 85.7 million metric lots each year by 2020 and a 38 percent general decrease in around the world data center energy use.


A study by Microsoft, Accenture and WSP Environment and Energy investigated the ecological benefits of switching to cloud computing and broke down the cloud s ability to lower energy use and carbon emissions from IT into four classifications:


Dynamic provisioning


Server usage

Data-center performance


For bigger business, these factors could reduce energy use and carbon emissions by upward of 30 percent, while smaller sized companies enjoy bigger benefits like seeing energy reduction by up of 90 percent. Switching to cloud computing will supply your office with cloud-data security, backup computers/servers and ongoing tech support.


2) Maintain your HVAC system


Upkeep of your heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system, including annual tune-ups, regular cleaning and changing filters, should be done right before peak cooling or heating seasons. Correct maintenance sustains your system for longer amount of times, leading to a lower annual expense for upkeep and provides greater indoor air quality. Don t forget to examine your office windows and doors for leakages that could permeate in warm or cold air and decrease the total performance of your HVAC system.


When it’s time to change your HVAC system completely, look for an Energy Star design that will save you 10 percent to 40 percent off your energy expense. An energy efficient HVAC system is excellent, however relying less on the system cuts down your energy usage even more.


3) Switch to clever lightingAccording to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, majority of energy taken in by commercial buildings, including your office, is done through heating and lighting the facility. Similar to the method you would use the sun to reduce your office s dependence on heating throughout the winter season, natural lighting is the most energy efficient way to illuminate your space when possible.


Guaranteeing windows are unblocked, and strategically setting up desks and tables to be in locations with optimum sunlight throughout work hours will greatly decrease energy consumption. Standard lighting systems use CFL bulbs, which are less expensive, however consist of mercury, are not energy efficient and have shorter life-spans.


4) Invest in Energy Star innovation


Your office needs a range of electronic devices and home appliances. From desktop computers, laptops, printers and photocopier to kitchen area devices, like dishwashers, coffeemakers and refrigerators, the technology in your office takes in a great deal of energy. When your electronics and appliances require an upgrade, switch and buy Energy Star-labeled items.


Not only will this improve your offices energy efficiency, it will likewise save money on your energy bill and supply you with the high-performing product that your office needs. According to the EPA, U.S. companies and consumers can reap $1.8 billion in energy cost savings using Energy Star-labeled electronics and devices compared with their equivalents.


With 20 percent of all energy consumed in the United States originating from commercial structures, there is a lot of room for enhancement when seeking and executing energy efficient solutions for your office. Making a long-term commitment to reduce energy consumption is an investment the environment, economy, office and your employees will thank you for.


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